Terms and Conditions


Before we can formally invite you to participate as Guest for the event(s) you have chosen, we require that you read and acknowledge your agreement to the following terms of service:

House Rules:

  • You will log in with a suitable WiFi connection, webcam and microphone (headset recommended). We can’t be responsible for problems on your end if others are connected to the Event feed, and there will be no refunds if the problems are on your end.  If the problems are on our end or that of the Host, we’ll do our best to correct them during the Event, and if they occur and aren’t resolved in the first hour of play and aren’t resolved in a half hour, we’ll refund or give you credit for your registration fee.
  • Generally, the “game(s)” to be featured for your event are posted when you sign up - if there are changes in the selection, we will notify you ASAP. A VIP Game Nights moderator will go through game rules at the start of the Event if requested, but we ask that you be familiar with the selected game(s) before play begins - more fun for you and all involved.
  • You are attending the event as a guest of VIP Game Nights and the event Host. Event rules are the “House Rules”.  You agree to conduct yourself respectfully (dress, language, behave cordially to the Host and other guests, be respectful with your on and off-screen video and audio feeds during the event, etc.).  If other guests or the Host object to your failure to abide by House Rules, the VIP Game Nights moderator may remove you from the Event after text warning communicating our concerns.  Final decisions in this regard shall be VIP Game Nights’, and there will be no refunds for removed guests.
  • Although you agree that you will be seen and heard by the Host, other guests and VIP Game Nights personnel during the Event, and agree to such appearance, no video capture or sharing of the Event feed by you is authorized or permitted. You may take and use “screenshots of the Event, host and other guests for non-commercial, personal or social media use (and as a Guest, you consent to being included in such images/use by other guests, the Host, and by VIP Game Nights in its marketing and promotion of the Event and its game services).  VIP Game Nights may use excerpts of the Event, including your appearance, in its advertising, marketing and promotion - including in social media.
  • VIP Game Nights reserves the right to share with your Host your name, city, and other background information regarding your interests which you include in your registration - but no other private details will be furnished. VIP Game Nights may share your first name and city of residence with other guests, but no other private information will be shared by VIP Game Nights with other guests.  If you choose to share additional personal information with the Host or other guests during the Event, that is your call, but VIP Game Nights assumes no responsibility or liability for such disclosures.

Guest Information:  VIP Game Nights reserves the right to maintain your personal information in its database for purposes of administering your Event participation, and to notify you of other VIP Game Nights events, services and products  in which you may have an interest.  You will be able to “opt out” of these communications at any time.  This information will not be sold or intentionally shared by VIP Game Nights to any unaffiliated parties, or used by VIP Game Nights for any other purposes.

Event Cancellation:

  • By Guest - There will be no refunds to the Guest due to Guest cancellation, no shows, failure to participate due to technical problems primarily within the Guest’s control, or VIP Game Nights’ decision to exclude the Guest from all or any portion of the Event due to the Guest’s violation of House Rules.
  • By VIP Game Nights - If VIP Game Nights or the Host cancel the event for any reason, which may include technical difficulties primarily on the VIP Game Nights end, up to and/or within the first half hour of the scheduled Event, VIP Game Nights will refund the Guest’s registration fee.

Release of Claims/Liability:

  • You acknowledge that in the event of event cancellation for reasons within the Host’s or VIP Game Nights’s primary control prior to or during the first half hour of the Event, your sole remedy shall be a refund of your registration fee.
  • You expressly release VIP Game Nights and the Host from any claims relating to any aspect of the Event, game play, or audible or visible communications or conduct by the Host, VIP Game Nights’s representative(s) or any other guests during the Event.
  • Disputes, if any, which we can’t resolve amicably shall be subject to Oklahoma law and the exclusive jurisdiction of state and federal courts in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Age requirement:

  • The individual attending the game night is of 18 years of age or older.

In addition to provide your consent to these terms below, you will also be asked at the beginning of the Event to confirm your acceptance of these terms with a “Yes” on-camera for VIP Game Nights’ additional records.  Please be prepared to do so.